The fact that most men with erectile dysfunction (ED) do not want to seek medical help is a serious problem for doctors around the world. However, this phenomenon is especially relevant in our country, where it is often not customary to come to doctors with intimate problems. In addition, the psyche of a man in assessing his sexual capabilities is extremely vulnerable, and the term «problems in his personal life» most often refers to «personal problems», that is, those that can not be discussed with anyone. Meanwhile, modern medicine is able to offer various methods of treating erectile dysfunction. One of them is reception of modern medicines.

Medicamental Therapy

treatment of erectile dysfunctionIn this case, treatment of erectile dysfunction is carried out through use of a number of drugs that are aimed at general increase in tone of the body, blood pressure, restoration of vitality. Unlike other methods, medical treatment of erectile dysfunction is as gentle as possible, so it can be recommended to men of different ages and with varying severity of the disease. As a main drug for restoring male strength, Canadian Health and Care Mall recommends pills to increase potency Cialis.

Comprehensive Treatment

Complex treatment of erectile dysfunction in men is based on the following principle: any action aimed at improving and restoring any body functions can become a means for strengthening male power in intimate sphere. This is due to the fact that violation of potency is most often the result of global disruptions in the body, from endocrine disruptions and ending with general aging of the body. Therefore, it will be much more effective if different methods of treating erectile dysfunction are used simultaneously, supplementing them with secondary ways of increasing potency.

Treatment of underlying diseases. Treatment of underlying diseases is carried out after a thorough diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Pathology, which leads to violation of potency can be arterial hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, nervous disorders (e. g., depression), hypercholesterolemia, etc. To return to normal sexual life, drugs used to treat underlying diseases, but worsen sexual function, are canceled. They may include some antihypertensives (thiazide diuretics, etc.), tricyclic antidepressants, antiarrhythmic drugs (digoxin), etc.

Leading healthy lifestyle. For most men, one of the most elementary and at the same time complex methods of combating erectile dysfunction is lifestyle change. This path is based on following such basic principles as:

  • giving up bad habits. At alcohol abuse, erection occurs late or does not occur at all. Smoking leads to increase in blood pressure, which causes development of cardiovascular diseases, and those in turn – sexual weakness;
  • proper nutrition. The main requirement for food ration is balanced content of the main components. As a rule, when treating erectile dysfunction in men, doctors recommend to include in the diet increased amount of fats: they should occupy 30% of total amount of nutrients. Reasonable consumption of tea and coffee, which contain caffeine is promoted: this substance increases tone of male body and has beneficial effect on sexual activity. Also, treatment of erectile dysfunction will be more effective if daily diet includes foods with vitamin E, which restores work of muscular, endocrine and reproductive systems. Proper nutrition is the key to maintaining normal body weight. Otherwise, excess weight can cause development of diabetes and its consequences – erectile dysfunction;
  • compliance with regime of the day. To fully restore strength, a person needs at least 9 – 10 hours of sleep per day. At the same time, it is better to go to bed before 12 pm. An excellent prescription for prevention of erectile dysfunction is walking outdoors before going to bed;
  • regular sex life. A man of any age should have a desire for regular sexual life. In an effort to normalize sexual relations, too frequent changes in partners and a large number of sexual intercourses should be avoided, as well as prolonged abstinence.

Normalization of sexual desire. Drug treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with Cialis also removes psycho-emotional disorders in intimate sphere. With use of Cialis, libido (sexual desire) and level of satisfaction with sexual intercourse gradually increase. Canadian Health&Care Mall studies have shown that, after treatment with Cialis, 85.7% of patients reported increased libido, which persisted for 6 months.