For treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are various medications that can help man regain happiness from full intimate life. What are these means, who should prescribe them and what are features of treatment? Details of treatment of problems with potency in men you will find out together with Canadian Health and Care Mall.

How were Drugs for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Invented?

Problems with potency and their treatment is a task that worried scientists as much as it exists, and it existed at all times. Even in the Middle Ages, they tried to invent medicines that would help men regain their confidence and return full intimate life. In this case, drugs were injected directly into urethra, and this «treatment» did not always go without influence on health. In addition to drugs, there have been attempts to invent various devices and mechanisms that solve this problem.

In the 30s of the last century, scientists from the United States opened a new era in search for solution to the issue of restoring male potency. They recommended as therapy gonads of goats, injections of «mercurochrome» and various surgical methods of treatment. In the 1970s, ways of introducing various inflatable implants into the skin of penis were suggested. And only in the 80s of the last century as a result of experiments on his own genitals British scientist concluded that increase of erection appears due to expansion of blood vessels in it. It was achieved through introduction of vasodilator drug, which became progenitor of the most famous drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction – Viagra, which has a similar mechanism of action.pills for ED treatment

Types of Treatment of Potency Disorders in Men

Medicamental treatment methods for potency disorders are divided into 3 main groups.

Drugs for introduction into urethra.

They exist in the form of ointments and gels and are recommended for use 10 – 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse. The most famous of them is called Muse, which includes prostaglandins. Disadvantages include need to interrupt communication with a woman for the period of drug administration and possible unpleasant sensations from urethra in men and vagina in women. And, nevertheless, effectiveness of these drugs ranges from 40 to 60%.

Drugs for injection.

For this, various vasodilating drugs such as papaverine, phentolamine, alprostadil, etc. are used. However, the very technology of such treatment scares off the vast majority of men. The drug is injected with a thin needle into penis, effect occurs within a few minutes and lasts about an hour. To perform a second sexual intercourse, it is necessary to inject again.

Medicines for oral administration.

This is the most popular group of drugs for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It deserves more detailed consideration.

Pills for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Receiving the drug in the form of a pill is most convenient for patient, so they are very popular. Modern drugs to treat problems with potency can significantly improve erection of penis, prolong sexual intercourse, enhance orgasm. They are divided into preparations of plant and synthetic origin.

To synthetic preparations Canadian Health&Care Mall attributes:

Mechanism of their action is associated with expansion of vessels of penis. It is recommended to apply them 0,5 – 1 hour before alleged sexual intercourse, effect lasts for several hours (sometimes even a day). Medicines have various contraindications and side effects, so they should be prescribed only by doctor. After examination, he will choose individual drug for treatment, warn about possible complications and how often it can be used.

Herbal preparations for treatment of erectile problems are such as Laveron, Magic Staff and others. There are also various homeopathic remedies for help with erectile dysfunction. However, despite the fact that many consider plant and homeopathic preparations to be completely safe, this is not the case. They did not undergo clinical studies, and their safety was not checked. Therefore they also can not be an option for self-treatment.

The solution of men’s problems is possible today. But an important role in this belongs to urologist or andrologist. A man should not be afraid of discussing unpleasant symptoms with a doctor, it’s his job. Every day different people come to doctors with such questions, and for them there is nothing shameful and surprising. The earlier you start examination of the cause of violation of potency – the more likely that the doctor will help to eliminate it without prescribing special medicines.