Taking the first cigarette in the hand or drinking the first glass of vodka, a young man does not think at all about what fatal consequences there may be. On the contrary, many argue that after this they can repeat exploits of Hercules, and not only his. Yes, probably. But only at the very beginning of this evil way. It happened that it is alcohol and nicotine that are the worst enemies of men’s health, the most precious thing they have in life is sexual pleasure and opportunity to leave children.

How Smoking Affects Man’s Potency

Alcohol and SmokingSmoking and potency – things that are completely incompatible. At the moment of inhaling, the most harmful chemical compounds that make up nicotine fall into lungs of a person. As a result, all organs and systems of organs, blood circulation and blood vessels suffer. Normal blood flow in penis and pelvic region is broken, persistent microspasms are formed, processes of destruction begin, which later cannot be stopped, and even more so restored. There comes erectile dysfunction, threatening with complete impotence in the very near future.

Effect of tobacco on potency:

  • change in quality of sperm, ejaculate mobility, loss of reproductive abilities;
  • violation of blood flow in genito-urinary organs;
  • reduction in synthesis of natural testosterone;
  • disturbance of vessels, their blockage.

According to Canadian Health&Care Mall, effect of tobacco on potency, just like beer or any alcoholic beverage, occurs in several stages. Harmful substances contained in nicotine, gradually reduce and worsen access of oxygen to all cells, which leads to oxygen starvation and deterioration of vessels, their elasticity and strength.

As a result of lack of oxygen, flow of blood into penis decreases, blood pressure drops, decrease of erectile abilities begins, with all consequences, which result in complete impotence.

Such processes do not occur immediately, they last for ten years. And, as a rule, at the age of forty they appear in all their glory. But it’s too late. Restoring normal functions of penis is very problematic. And nobody has invented artificial yet.

How Smoking Affects Potency: Male Erectile Function

In a non-smoking man strength and composition of spermatozoa are restored within three months. But if he smokes, then not only does their activity decrease, composition of seminal fluid deteriorates, but recovery time also increases noticeably. Smoking and potency of men are things that are mutually exclusive.

And if you are a smoker with experience, then Canadian Health&Care Mall warns, that in a moment you can not give up this addiction. And even more so, quickly restore lost sexual abilities. You will need a lot of time and money, willpower and courage to tidy up your health and impaired functions of reproductive system. And in particularly neglected cases, medicine will be powerless.

Effect of Alcohol on Potency

Many representatives of the stronger sex believe that alcohol helps to liberate, contributes to increased sexual activity, even increases time of sexual intercourse and onset of ejaculation. In fact, this is opinion of men with low self-esteem. After all, alcohol, taken for courage, simply reduces some inhibitory processes in brain, which leads to increased libido. And time of sexual intercourse increases as a result of active vasodilation, which causes blood filling of penis and pelvic organs. That’s all the magic.

Canadian pharmacy studies show that even a very small amount of alcohol is detrimental to liver, making it difficult to function normally. But this organ is directly connected with synthesis of testosterone. And this male hormone is directly related to erection.

Taking even 100 g of alcohol daily, a man aggravates reactions of nerve fibers, which reduces susceptibility and ability to healthy orgasm. And if you drink every day, it already threatens you with infertility. Affected parts of brain responsible for production of sperm – spermatozoa for further healthy offspring.

The older a man becomes, the less testosterone the body synthesizes. So nature conceived. And if this situation is aggravated also with alcoholic beverages, then the picture in terms of healthy potency appears very sad.

Does Beer Affect Man’s Potency?

It is believed that this frothy drink is a light alcohol that is not capable of harming man’s sexual possibilities. However, this is not quite true. Does beer affect male potency? The answer is unequivocally positive.

So why not get carried away by this intoxicating drink?

  • First, many varieties of it are prepared on the basis of chemical preservatives, which not only affect potency, general health state can be affected very negatively.
  • Second, beer contains a huge number of phytoextragens, which are female sex cells. Absorbed into blood, they begin to reduce production of testosterone. This worsens quality and composition of sperm, causes erectile dysfunction, reduces sexual desire.

There is also a beer belly. And this is also work of female sex hormones. Changing man’s figure into female, protruding belly and hanging breasts are only beginning. Over time, male body gradually begins to produce female sex hormones on its own, and this is the direct path to complete impotence and cessation of reproductive abilities.

Rejection of Bad Habits

For restoration, at least in part, of sexual abilities after abuse of alcohol and tobacco, a man must take care of his health.Alcohol and SmokingHere Canadian Health&Care Mall gives a few simple rules:

  • give up alcoholic drinks completely. From frothy beer, light wine, aged cognac. Do not be seduced under any circumstances. After all, you have a goal, you chose healthy and full sex;
  • go through examination and complete diagnosis of genitourinary system, identify diseases that you have, and start treating them immediately;
  • it is very important to have a proper rest. The time that is necessary for sleep is eight hours. Take care that your sleep is full and calm. Sleep will positively affect state of your nervous system, provide psychological and physical help;
  • do not forget that there are weekends and holidays. It would be nice to go on a tour that distracts you;
  • absolutely, once and for all, quit smoking. Use for this purpose all methods and means that you have in the arsenal. And remember that the result depends only on you – on your will power and determination.

Completely change diet, include in daily menu healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other trace elements. Give up quick snacks, convenience foods, fast foods, carbonated drinks.

And of course, move more, do not sit in one place, even if you have sedentary office work. You can always give two minutes to your health. Run, jump on the rope, do morning exercises, go to gyms and swimming pools. Go to saunas.

And never forget that healthy potency does not tolerate presence of alcohol and nicotine.